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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Your Relaxed Hair Does Not Need Oil

Ever since an overwhelming amount of women went natural, there seems to be an unsaid (and sometimes boldly stated) us versus them mentality with relaxed vs. natural.  As many of you know I am "team relaxer" and don't see myself ever giving it up.  Relaxers are said to make the hair break, become damaged, dry out, stunt the growth, and a few other things.  For many women, the answer for this is to just give up the chemical altogether in their quest for healthier hair.

relaxed hair
The truth is that the only time a relaxer damages the hair is when it is done incorrectly or not properly taken care of.  Particularly with the issue of dry hair, relaxers themselves are not the cause of dry hair.  In fact, most professional grade relaxers have moisturizers in them.  I only get two relaxers per year and I don't suffer from dry hair.

relaxed hair
The truth is that your relaxed hair does not need oil.  If you are using good quality products then your hair will be properly moisturized.  Also, the hair makes its own oils so adding more will lead to product build up on the hair resulting in the hair being extremely oily.  Things to do to make sure your relaxed hair won't dry out:

  • Don't get relaxers too often- Doing this will in fact cause the hair to dry out and become damaged
  • Don't put too much heat on it- Using too much heat on your hair will cause moisture to leave the hair causing it to dry out. Don't do this..
  • Let a professional handle your relaxers- Never try to do your own relaxers. If it is too expensive to get it done in a salon, consider only having the relaxers done professionaly and you do the shampoos at home.  
  • Wrap your hair nightly- Wrapping your hair is the easiest thing you can do to protect your hair. Make sure you wrap it every night!
Even though relaxed hair does not need oil, I do use it sometimes to control frizz.  Since I am fully aware of my hair creating its own oils I do use it sparingly.  So just to recap, shampoo weekly and use quality products like Silk Hydration by L. Jones to help keep your hair moisturized.


  1. Just to clarify...are you saying that sealing in your moisturiser isn't necessary?

    1. Yes, sealing is not a requirement, only an option I personally don't seal in my moisturizers.

    2. I second that cause I tryed sealing moisture with vegetable oils when I started my hair journey but it didn't work !!! It left my relaxed hair oily and weighed down. Now I don't seal in moisture anymore. I Just make sure to use a good moisturizer and that's it !!

  2. Thank you for this. I' m relaxed and I'm finding out that my hair loves water. So I started doing a pre co wash by putting conditioner in my hair, while its dry, leaving it in for maybe about 45 min or so., get in the shower and let the water rinse my hair for about 5 min and thats it. I preceed with a leave in conditioner and detangler. I stopped using oils because everytime I put oils in my hair, it would shed and break. So like you, I no longer seal in my moisturizers either and my hair is much better...


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