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Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Take Care of Your Permanently Colored, Relaxed Hair (pt2)

Last week I started the series on how to take care of your permanently colored relaxed hair.  Just to recap, I did a moisturizing treatment on the same day that I got the color. (see more here) This week I did a few additional things to make sure all of my hair stays strong and healthy.

  1. I did a protein treatment- Protein strengthens the hair so I made sure to do a protein treatment this week.  Having one chemical breaks the hair's bonds down so imagine how much more having two chemicals does!  When the hair breaks as a result of having color on your relaxed hair it is because it is too weak.  Putting protein back in the hair significantly decreases the risk of your hair breaking.
  2. I skipped the heat- I chose not to flat iron my hair this week just because I didn't want the protein treatment to lose any of its effectiveness.  All of the strength that was just added to my hair was not going to be diminished by me turning right around and putting all of that heat on it.
  3. I did a rinse- This was not done for the health of my hair.  Instead it was done because I wanted my hair to look more red than brown so I just added a red rinse.  The rinse does make it harder to see my highlights especially with the rods but I can see them if I get close enough in the mirror.  Once I straighten it next week they will be more visible.
Here is the video for this week:


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