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Saturday, August 3, 2013

How Long Should Your Sew In Last?

This client came in and got her sew in right around 8 weeks or 2 months.  I installed it for her using Brazilian hair (straight), 12 inches.  We used two bundles.

She still comes to get it shampooed and conditioned about every two weeks.  I supply the hair as well and only use grade 5A virgin hair which is the top of the line as far as quality goes.  This hair is super soft and never tangles.  It is a bit pricier than your average beauty supply store hair because it is higher quality and can last a year or more.  All you have to do is take care of it.

The average sew in, in my opinion, should last approximately 3 months. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Your real hair starts to smell- After being braided for so long, even though you may be shampooing the weave on a regular basis, you are not cleansing your real hair that well.  Over time, the parts that aren't getting cleansed very well start to smell.  By the three month period, you want to take it down and cleanse and condition your real hair properly.
  • Your braids can become matted- Depending on how well you take care of your hair while you have a sew in, leaving it in too long can cause your real hair to be matted.  Again, being braided for so long causes this.
  • You have lots of new growth- Due to the fact that your hair is in a protective style and no heat or elements of the weather are affecting it, it tends to grow much faster.  After three months you have around 1.5-2 inches of new growth.  This means that the sew in is not very secure anymore because the braid that the weave is attached to has grown out so much.  

This client also has not gotten a relaxer since before she got the sew in so it has been well over 8 weeks! This is a great way to stretch those relaxers out which is especially great for her due to she has permanent color in her hair.

On this visit, I shampooed, conditioned, sat her under the dryer, then flat ironed.  After I was finished, I then put a little oil serum on it to give it more shine.

Still looks as good as it did when she first got it.  To maintain this style all she has to do is wrap it nightly.  No heat required!

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