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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Growing Your Hair Out Naturally


You may remember this client I featured not to long ago showing how much her hair has grown in a few months.  The picture above was taken in Dec 2012.  She had shortly started coming to me on that visit. Since then her hair has grown a considerable amount and only seems to get even longer each visit.


The picture above was taken last month in July of 2013.  In only seven months her hair went from not even touching her shoulder to past her shoulder.

Her routine is very simple.  Her hair is completely natural meaning she has no chemicals at all, no color and no relaxer.  She doesn't put any heat in her hair at all. In fact the only time heat touches her hair is when she comes to see me.  Other than that she shampoos and goes.  As for the night routine, I'm not sure if she puts a satin cap on or not (but praying that she does!). Regardless, her hair is growing and is healthy to she must be doing something right.

Only a month later, and you can see her hair has grown even more.  This client's hair care routine is as simple as it gets.  The truth is that it doesn't take a whole lot for your hair to grow.  Since she is natural and has no chemicals in her hair, of course it grows faster because she has absolutely nothing hindering it.  Not saying that having a relaxer or color will stop your hair from growing, but it does require a bit more care in order for it to grow.  Simply put, as long as you shampoo and condition your hair regularly, keep the heat and the chemicals to a minimum, you will see growth.

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