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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Hair Grow Longer Pt.2

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So now that you have seen the first half of the post, now we will continue on to the second and last half.  Here are five more things you can do to help your hair grow longer.  Doing all of these things aids in hair growth.  These are not only tips that I tell my clients but are also tips that I do to my own hair as I grow it out from the inverted bob style. For those that don't know, I used to have my hair cut like this:

The first picture was when it was cut the shortest and was taken in July of 2012.  The middle pic was taken a few months later, and the last pic was taken in the beginning of 2013.  So in about 6-7 months, my hair grew about four inches. I used most of the tips that I am telling you to do.

  1. Stretch your relaxers (if applicable)- One reason my hair is able to grow as fast as it does is because I stretch out my relaxers.  I go six months in between relaxers which allows me to get at least two inches of new growth and ensures that I won't have any overlapping of the relaxer.  Overlapping can cause breakage, and who has time for breakage when trying to grow your hair out?  If six months sound unrealistic to you, try going at least eight weeks.  As you get used to that try prolonging it out further and further until you reach 10-12 weeks.  That would put you at getting them every four months.
  2. Take it easy- To be more specific, try to cut down on anything that can cause you to stress. Although you hair is constantly growing, extreme stress can cause the hair to actually fall out.  It can also hinder the hair from growing as fast as it normally would.  If your life is very stressful do things that help you alleviate your stress like exercise, massages, etc.  You would be surprised to find out all of the things continued stress can do to the body, including your hair.  So to make it simple, take a chill pill!
  3. Consider protective styling- Protective styles include any style that allows you hair to rest and not be bothered.  This can include braids, sew-ins, updos, and wigs.  Having your hair in a protective style allows your hair to grow faster because it is not being exposed to direct heat and styling.  It simply remains untouched while it grows.
  4. Take your vitamins- Taking multivitamins can give you the nutrients that you may not be getting from your diet that also aid in hair growth.  Taking vitamins alone will not cause your hair to grow, however doing it in addition to the other tips will help facilitate your hair growth.
  5. Choose your chemicals wisely- If you are going to get a relaxer, skip the color.  If you want permanent color, skip the relaxers.  The reason why I say that is because although it is possible to have permenantly colored hair that is relaxed (see here), it is very expensive and time consuming and majority of women will not do what they need to do to keep up with it.  Therefore the hair begins to break and any length you had is now on the floor! For this reason I say pick the chemical of your choice and only stick to that one.

Growing your hair out is very easy, all it takes is a little patience and a lot of TLC.


  1. Thank you so much you are a big help to me my hair is long but short in the middle cause a stylist cut it instead of trimming. What do I need to do. Its been over a year since had a relaxer

    1. Thank you! Just let your hair do its own thing, it will grow. Keep heat to a minimum and continue to shampoo and condition weekly (using Silk Hydration by L. Jones of course) and it will grow back in no time.


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