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Monday, July 8, 2013

Vacation Over, Now Let's Get Back to The Hair!

Wow! I am finally back from my much needed vacation.  I spent the week of the 4th of July in Cleveland, OH for my family reunion.  We all had a blast and my little one simply wore himself out.  It was his first real road trip but other than a little motion sickness he did pretty good.  I was well prepared by packing all of his electronics, including his dvd player, plenty of dvds, his Ipad, his LeapPad, and his very own personal Mr. Giraffe travel pillow.  It's only been a few days but it seems like it's been forever since my last blog post.  I have missed interacting with you!! Let's jump right in and get to this hair.

In the picture listed above I have on my removable sew-in.  I have a video coming soon on how I installed it, once I finish editing I will post later.  Anyway, I colored it by adding some hints of reddish brown to it making sure not to go too red because I didn't want the contrast on my leave out to be too drastic. On the way up to Ohio and for the first few days it was rainy so I wore it straight.

This hair is Brazilian straight which I have had for quite some time now.  That is the beauty of having a removable sew-in, if you buy some good quality hair you can reuse it over and over again, really getting your money's worth.  To maintain your weaves, treat it like it grew right out of your head.  Shampoo and condition it regularly and be gentle with it.  And yes, your Silk Hydration by L. Jones can be used on it!


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