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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two Most Effective Things You Can Do Your Hair While You Work Out

Nicole Ari Parker in her workout headband

Many women cross this fork in the road many times.  You get your hair done, are looking fabulous, but you need to go to the gym and work out.  So what do you do? Not get your hair done or not go to the gym?  Well, the truth is you can have it all, you can have your gone with the wind fabulous hair and still stick to your workout plan as well.  We all want to look good, but even natural girls who get a silk press don't have to sacrifice their workout plan to look cute.  Here are a couple of things that you can do to keep that fresh hairstyle and still stay fit and trim in the process (even if you sweat in your head!).

  • Wrap your hair- If you wear your hair straight or roller set, wrap it when you work out. If you sweat in your head, use a cotton bandana to wrap it.  The cotton will soak up a lot of the sweat.  If the bandana is soaked once you get home, take it off and replace it with your satin scarf.  Do NOT unwrap your hair.  Leave it like that until you wake up the next day.  By then your hair will be back dry and leaving it wrapped will preserve your ends as well as the style itself.  
  • Tie your edges down- If you work out in the mornings and leaving your hair wrapped through the night is not an option, comb your hair back, pull in a mid to high ponytail (if possible), and tie your edges down with your cotton scarf.  If your hair is long, create a high bun or simple tuck the end of your ponytail and pin it so that your hair does not touch your neck.  Afterwards, when you take your hair down your edges will already be laying down.  If you need to, blow dry the rest of your hair that may be wet, the wrap it up while you shower and do whatever you need to do.

Doing these two things will help you tremendously in preserving your hairstyles.  Don't feel like you have to choose between getting your hair done and working out.  I have done both of the things I mentioned above and have never had a problem.  I do tend to work out mostly at night so I know for a fact that leaving your hair wrapped until the next day works the best.  Just remember not to start putting heat on your hair every day!  

Stay healthy and fit!

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