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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Silk Press/Blow Out On Natural Hair Using Silk Hydration

This client came in as someone who was transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair. She didn't get her first relaxer until she was in her mid-20s and said that her scalp was sensitive to them so she wanted to go back natural. It has been about ten months since her last relaxer and she wanted to get most of the rest of her relaxed hair cut off.  Since there was still quite a bit left, I cut her hair into layers so that it wouldn't look extremely short all over.  I did cut the layers short but left the length on it.  By the time I got done most of her relaxer was gone!

I started by first dry cutting her hair into the layers.  Once it was cut I shampooed it with a clarifying shampoo to remove all residue and product build up.  

After shampooing, I applied Silk Hydration by L. Jones Intense Moisturizing Treatment and let sit for about 30 minutes without heat.  Once I rinsed, I detangled her hair in sections and began blow drying.

Once I was finished blowing it out, I flat ironed it with a ceramic iron and let the magic happen! After I was finished, her hair was very soft and felt silky to the touch.  I didn't have to add any more additional oil to the hair afterwards and it still had lots of shine, body, and bounce.



  1. How long will the hair stay straight afterwards?

  2. Does the silk out destroy the natural curl pattern of the hair?

    1. It can make it looser if done often but will not completely destroy it. I have some clients that come every week and get it and the curl pattern is the exact same as before. It just depends on the person, everyone's hair is different.

  3. How often should you get silk outs?


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