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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Silk Press/ Blow Out on Natural Hair

This client came in to have her hair straightened for the first time since she went natural four years ago.  She was so nervous but I assured her as much as I could that she would be fine.  This is the pic of her hair before I got started.  She has kinky hair that curls very tightly.

I started by shampooing with a purifying shampoo just because it has been my experience that the natural ladies that I do tend to put a lot of oil and moisturizers in their hair.  I like to start with a clean slate so using a clarifying shampoo lets me do that.

After shampooing and conditioning I began detangling and blowing the hair out.  This client had LOTS of very thick hair so it took me quite a while to get through with this part. Since her hair was extremely thick I detangled by taking very small sections at a time, using a wide tooth comb, and combing it out from the bottom up.

Her hair also looked like it was in some layers in the past and was growing out.  She needed to be trimmed up so I just gave the layers that were already there a shape to them.

After I was finished I was able to comb her hair using a fine tooth comb with ease!  She was pleased and said that he hair looked just like how it did before she went natural.

Here is one more look at the final product..


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