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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Sew On Your U-Part Wig aka The Removable Sew In

My removable sew in is my go-to especially when I am going on vacation or something.  It is so convenient and much less time consuming when compared to a traditional sew in.  The removable sew in is a u-part wig that is sewn on.  It gives you all of the convenience of having a sew in with much less effort.  Also you can take it on and off at your own leisure.

The first thing I did was shampoo my hair and conditioned with Silk Hydration by L. Jones Daily Conditioner.  After that, I let my hair air dry for a little while then blow dried the remaining wet hair.  Next was the hardest part which was the braiding.  Your number one concern is having your hair flat so I just threw some braids up there to get my hair out of the way.

side view

other side

top view

If I woud have had someone else to braid it for me it would look a lot different but since I had to do these braids myself, I did them so they would at least serve their purpose.  I don't have the patience or desire to braid it how I really want it doing it myself.  Anyway, here is the finished product:

The most important braid is the perimeter braid, or the braid that the unit will actually be sewn to.  As long as that braid is secure, the other braids don't matter as much, just make sure they are flat so that your hair won't look bulky.

Check out the video where I sewed it on.

To maintain this look, treat it like you would treat your real hair.  Wrap it at night or put your silk scarf on.  It can also be rolled, but I just brushed my curls everyday to give it a more wavy look instead of it being curly. I didn't apply any oil to it but you can if you need to, but do it sparingly.


  1. How long do you keep your u part sew on before you remove it to wash your real hair?

  2. Roll Tide, thanks for the info


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