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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep conditioning your hair means that the conditioner is able to penetrate the hair shaft, thus getting "deeper" inside the hair.  Hair that is damaged, dry, and brittle needs to be deep conditioned the most.  Also you can deep condition your healthy hair for preventative measures.  I like to deep condition my hair once per month in order to keep it healthy instead of waiting for it to become damaged to do so.

To deep condition, do the following steps:

  1. Shampoo hair thoroughly with a deep cleansing or clarifying shampoo to remove any excess residue and/or product build up. Most of the time your hair will have a "squeaky" clean feeling after using this type of shampoo. Be careful when using a clarifying shampoo because if you use it too often without following up with some type of moisturizer it can dry your hair out.  The only time I would recommend not using a moisturizer behind it is if you have extremely oily hair.  In this case, your hair will produce enough oil on its own to prevent it from drying out after using the clarifying shampoo.  
  2. Shampoo the hair again using a moisturizing shampoo.  A clarifying shampoo removes all of the moisture from the hair, good and bad.  A moisturizing shampoo will put the good stuff back in.
  3. Towel dry hair- When you towel dry the hair after shampooing it helps the conditioner actually attach to the hair and not be diluted from the excess water.  It also helps the conditioner be more effective.  Always towel dry hair before using any kind of conditioner, but especially a deep conditioner.
  4. Apply deep conditioner to hair- When you are ready to put on your deep conditioner, apply enough to be combed through and touch every strand of hair.  You may have to be generous when putting it on if you have long and/or thick hair.  The key is that every strand of hair needs to be covered.
  5. Follow manufacturers directions- After you have put on your deep conditioner, do what the instructions tell you to do instead of doing what you have always done in the past.  The manufacturer knows how its product works better than anyone, so follow their directions to get the maximum effectiveness.  Some will require you to sit under a hooded dryer with your hair covered with a plastic cap, while others may not require you to sit under a dryer at all.  Also let it sit for however long the manufacturer suggests.
  6. Let the magic happen- Let the conditioner do its thing then rinse! Make sure it is all completely rinsed from your hair before you start styling. If it is a good deep conditioner you will see results immediately.

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