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Thursday, July 11, 2013

3 Reasons Why Your Edges Are Thinning

I have seen a lot of women run into the problem of thinning edges. They all want to know how to magicaly grow their edges back overnight but the fact of the matter is that it takes time just like the rest of your hair.  Many factors can be the culprit as to why some women's edges have done a disappearing act on them but today I am going to discuss the most notorious ones.

  1. Braids too tight- Having braids can be very convenient and look very cute but if you allow the person braiding it to do it too tight, you can count on your edges become noticeably thinner or non-existent all together.  Having them too tight puts too much stress on your edges and is what causes the hair to fall out.  I had one client whose experience was that as the braids fell out of her hair, her edges came out with them.  As a result, she was left with only skin where the hair should be. Some women think that if they get the braids tight that it will last longer and eventually the uncomfortableness will go away.  The truth is, if you have to take pain relievers on a daily basis until your braids loosen up, THEY ARE TOO TIGHT! Don't do this..
  2. Wearing ponytails too tight and too often- Wearing ponytails too tight and too often have the same effect as having braids too tight does.  The edges or the hairline is the most fragile part of the hair which is why it can not take too much friction or aggression.  Majority of the time the hair will grow back but continuous damage to the same areas will lead to permanent hair loss of that area.  Basically, if you keep wearing hairstyles that are too tight for your edges, you will be left with no edges at all!
  3. Consistant rubbing of the hair- I know how crazy it sounds but if you are always rubbing the same spot in your hair, it will come out!  I have known clients that have a habit of rubbing their hair in the same place all of the time whether it comes from nerves or what, but it causes noticeable thinning of the hair.  This is because you are putting the same type of friction on the hair over and over making the hair strands weaker, causing them to come out prematurely. Is there a certain area of your hair that you constantly touch? The very back, the sides, in the middle of your head?  Constant rubbing could be the reason why.
edges that came out because of microbraids

Many times the hair around the edges will grow back if you immediately stop what caused them to come out and give your hair some tlc.  Once you begin to treat your hair, you will notice that it will grow back as if nothing ever happened.  On the other hand, you know how the saying goes: If you continue to do the same thing over and over you will get the same results. Unless you prefer to have a permanent bald spot on both sides of your head take care of your edges.  Any style that causes you to question if its doing damage probably is.  If you are uncomfortable with it, don't do it!

more edges gone due to braids too tight

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