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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Safest Way To Cover Gray On Your Relaxed Hair

Many of you have asked me how to get rid of your grays while having a relaxer.  I do not recommend getting permanent color on your relaxed hair simply because it is too high maintenance and almost always results in some type of breakage and hair damage.  To color your gray safely, get a semi permanent color instead.  Semi-permanent color is very safe, in fact, you can even use one on the same day that you get your relaxer.  It does not contain any ammonia therefore does not have a chemical in it that will harm your hair. Heck, you could get two in the same week if you wanted to.  A semi-permanent color lasts about 8-10 shampoos and in a lot of cases if the color is really dark it will last longer than that.

Fresh relaxer & rinse done the same day

If you have gray that pops up before it is completely rinsed out of your hair you can get them as often as necessary, unlike with a permanent color.  Too much application of permanent color, whether you have a relaxer or not, will also damage your hair.  I always recommend my relaxed clients get a semi permanent, a professionally done one, not one that you do at home yourself that comes off on any and everything your hair touches (i.e your pillow, clothes, hands, etc).  Simply have your stylist choose a color that is the same shade as the rest of your hair and voila, no more grays.  The more stubborn your gray, the longer you will have to sit under the dryer so that it will be all covered.  Also, a semi permanent does not make your hair any lighter.  The only thing it can do to actually change your hair is make it darker due to the fact that it does not contain ammonia which is the ingredient that seperates it from being permanent and making the hair lighter.  So don't try to put medium brown on your jet black hair because once you rinse your hair will still be jet black.

Semi permanent color also comes in clear, so if your hair looks a bit dull and you don't want to use oil or grease, you could use a clear semi permanent to give it a shine.


  1. There are three levels of color.
    3Demi permanent.
    Only permanent color will completely cover gray.
    Semi-permanent color will not completely cover gray hair.It will only stain the outta hair follicles.Its not strong enough to penetrate the hair follicles.Demi is the safest for relaxed hair.
    When hair losses it's color (pigment) it will turn gray,silver or white.
    White being the hardest to color.

    Be very careful using box color at home.
    Even though Demi permanent color is the safest on relaxed hair,you can still damage the by over coating the hair to fast.
    This is called double processing.
    I can cause severe breakage.
    Always condition the hair very good with a moisturizing conditioner.

    Best wishes,


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