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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Silk Press on Natural Hair

This client is completely natural, she has no relaxer and no color in her hair at all.  She came in to get a silk press and to also get some attention to her dry scalp.  Her hair has come a long way seeing as how on her very first visit to me she was pregnant and had been overtaken by her hormones and decided to chop her hair off herself.  You see, she has very thick hair and it gets tangled so while she was pregnant she just got tired of it and decided to put it in a ponytail and cut the ponytail off!

Her little one is now two and she said that she would not be taking any scissors back to her head.  Fortunately, when she did cut it I was able to turn it into an inverted bob where it was long on the sides and short in the back.  In that time her hair has seen a lot of growth.

I shampooed it with a clarifying shampoo and followed that with a moisturizing shampoo.  I used a regular moisturizing conditioner on her before I began to work my magic.

I blow dried and used my De've ceramic flat iron on her. These are her results.

She told me that she was actually thinking about getting a relaxer until she saw the results of her hair and how straight it got and now she has changed her mind. She sees how straight it can get without one and says she will remain natural for now.

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