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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Relaxer Day!!`

No edge control here!

It's finally here!! I have been waiting for SIX months for this day to finally arrive.  I got my relaxer today! I actually think my hair sang to me afterwards.  Before getting my relaxer I made sure to base my scalp really good first.  I did this myself, then let one of my former coworkers (who is a liscensed professional) put the actual relaxer in.  And although relaxers are not supposed to burn, mine did due to the fact that I scratched the heck out of my scalp right before getting it.  I know, I know but I must have forgot for a split second that I was getting a touch up because I didn't give a second thought to scratching it once it started itching.  Never do this! As a matter of fact, don't brush your hair either on the day of your touch up because it has the same effect as scratching.

What I used: Nairobi.  I use Nairobi, Design Essentials, and Mizani on my clients but I like Nairobi on myself.  It is a lot like Affirm which I used to use all the time because it got my hair straight but it also always burned like heck.  Nairobi does everything the Affirm does minus the burn (when scratching is not involved) which is why I like it better.  I also used the Humecta Sil conditioner along with the neutralizing shampoo.  I like to use the entire line when doing a relaxer because companies formulate the companies to work better when used together.

What I didn't use: I didn't use the Silk Hydration by L. Jones Intense Moisturizing Treatment because the conditioner for the relaxer was enough.  Too much moisture will weigh the hair down and cause it to not have a lot of body.  Also too much moisture also means your hair has more moisture than protein and healthy hair has an equal balance of the two.  I also did not use any additional oil in my hair either.

My next relaxer will probably be around Christmas or New Years.  That seems like a really long time but its really not!  I'm curious to see how much growth I will have by then.  I can tell that it has grown a whole lot since the last one, even with my trim.

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