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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Relaxed, Long, & Healthy Hair

This is one of my clients that just graduated from high school and is about to enjoy a scholarship to college so  kudos to her!! Today was her relaxer day and she was so happy (which is how I'll be feeling tomorrow).  She has had so much growth, yet still thinks her hair is short!  This is what happens when you get hooked on weave and you don't like how your real hair looks without it.

Take a look at her hair (no weave added) right before I curled it.

Long right? Well according to her, she acts like she has a bob or something.  This was right after a fresh trim also.  She received a Nairobi relaxer, as a matter of fact I used the entire Nairobi line on her today including the relaxer, conditioner, and neutralizing shampoo.  I don't use my Silk Hydration by L. Jones conditioner when doing a relaxer because the systems I use come with their own reconstructive treatments so extra is not needed. However, it is perfectly fne to use on relaxed hair on non-touch up days.

Take a look at the after pics:

And yes she put her clip ins back in her hair after I got done but I didn't take any pics because I wanted her to leave her hair just like I left it!

1 comment

  1. Her hair looks great. I always wondered why all of a sudden relaxed hair is like a sin. Her hair looks very healthy just like any other relaxed hair if you take care of it.


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