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Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Grow Your Very Short Hairstyle Out Long

This client is actually my neighbor who lives directly across the street from me.  She knew I did hair but didn't know that I did it as a full time job.  She thought I was a "kitchen beautician" and only did hair as a hobby.  Once she realized I was a professional she immediately got on my book! Her problem was that she had very short hair (shaved in the back) that she said would not grow.  She was going to a stylist on a regular basis and was not seeing any progress with her hair.  She was beginning to think that she was just stuck with short hair.

Since coming to me, she has informed me that she has seen very significant changes to her hair.  She has noticed that it is getting thicker and longer.  And guess what?? She has a relaxer!

She has even told me that one of her coworkers asked her if she had changed hairstylists because her hair looks so healthy, shiny, and is growing all of a sudden! I am kicking myself right now for not taking a picture of her hair on her very first visit to give you something to compare it to but trust me when I say it was VERY short.  Right now you can only see a partial glimpse of her hair that was shaved that is growing back only because it is curled.  If I were to flat iron her hair straight, her hair would actually cover the shaved part that is growing back.

And of course I use Silk Hydration by L. Jones on her! I use the Intense Moisturizing Treatment on her about twice per month or every two weeks and she just loves how her hair feels afterward.  Even I am still amazed at how well this conditioner came out. Sometimes after I rinse it out of my client's hair, I find myself just rubbing their hair for several minutes before I start styling.

At night, she will use her wrap cap (the one that is open in the top) to wrap around the sides and back and sleep comfortably. If she doesn't want to do that she can put a few rollers in it then put her satin scarf on it to hold the rollers in place.

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  1. Mrs. Latoya you are awesome with hair. This is truly your calling. God blessed you with those "special hands" lol. Keep up the good work. Big things are yet to come.


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