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Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Get Pin Curls On Short Hair

Short hair is sometimes thought of as not versatile.  The truth is that many short styles can be worn in more than one way.  This client recently got her hair cut shorter than it was.  She had one side very long and then had me cut both sides above her ears.  Even so, I chose to give her pin curls instead of just curling it straight down to have the feathered look.

I simply curled it all over and after each curl, I pinned it in place with a metal clip.  Once all of the curls had cooled, I took them all out and began to style with my fingers and the end of the rat tail comb.

Products used on her hair for this visit:

For a visual guide (video) on how to pin curl your own hair see here:

For maintenance:
To maintain this look she will tie up the sides and back with her wrap cap and sleep comfortably.

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