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Monday, June 17, 2013

Fresh Relaxer, Healthy Hair, Long Hair, Great Combo!

This long time client came in after her eight weeks for her relaxer touch up.  She couldn't wait because she felt like her eight weeks seemed like eighteen weeks.  Eight weeks is the minimum I require in order for me to do a touch up on someone.

I used Nairobi relaxer system on her including the conditioner and the neutralizing shampoo.  Afterwards she requested curls (she normally always get it straight) because she had a special weekend planned.  I curled it differently than I normally do to get the effect you see here.  I was trying something new and we both liked the results so I think I'll stick with this method of curling, that I will not disclose (I can't tell ALL my secrets!)

To maintain this look she can roll with the large flexi rods and finger comb once they are taken down..


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  1. Hi Latoya. I have a question. Can relaxed hair really be healthy? Like you hear women all time saying relaxed hair doesn't grow or relaxed hair is not healthy. Is healthy relaxed hair an oxymoron? If women have had no problems in the past why are people talking down about relaxers now? Any advice would be helpful.


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