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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do You Have Your Silk Hydration Yet?

I have been using this moisturizing treatment on myself as well as on my clients and you can feel an immediate difference in the hair.  I searched and searched for a product that does everything mine does and never found it which is what inspired me to make my own!  I can honestly say that I love what it does for my hair.  And its only going to get better, I have my eye on a couple of ingredients that will take it over the edge.  I only use top quality ingredients, nothing cheap that does absolutely nothing for the hair.  Here's the scoop on it...

The price: $20 for an 8oz jar.  This should last at least two months depending on how often and how much you use.  You do need to put enough in your hair to cover every strand and comb through so if someone has hair down the middle of their back they will run out way sooner than someone with very short hair.

Advantages: There are so many moisturizers in it that you don't have to add anything else afterwards like oil sheen, serum, or anything like that for the entire week!  Like I said earlier, this stuff is amazing! For everyone that has emailed, texted, and asked me what can they do for dry and damaged hair, this is your answer.

How to get it: If you are local you can stop by the salon and pick up.  Not local? No problem! I will ship priority mail when you order online at and click on the online store.

Questions?: Email me at

Need visuals? Check out the video...(while you are there subscribe to the channel please)

Enjoy!  And if you have already bought and tried Silk Hydration by L. Jones Intense Moisturizing Treatment, comment on the video and let me know your thoughts! Comment to this post also please, I want your feedback!  Thanks in advance...


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  1. Hi LaToya, I got mine in the mail today. Thanks so much!


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Need better hair products?
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