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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Can Wearing Lace Front Wigs Lead To Forehead Cancer?


It was brought to my attention that people are saying that continuous wearing of lace front wigs can lead to forehead cancer.  I said that I would research this then blog about my results.  After doing some extensive reasearch, I have come to the conclusion that this is not true.  The only websites claiming this is true are blogs, which are basically someone else's (the blog creator) opinion, not actual fact.  Therefore I did not find any cases of forehead cancer caused by lace front wigs, nor have I found any scientific doctor's statement or anything concrete that can prove this.

This being said, I do think that over time there are some negative side effects that could possibly happen if your real hair is not being taken care of.  The main negative effect being loss of the hairline, as pictured above.  I personally do not believe that glue and/or tape and hair mix at all.  I do not offer any hair services to my clients that involve glue.  I have seen first hand how it can destroy the hair, particularly the hairline.  

So, in conclusion, do I think that lace fronts lead to actual cancer? No, but anything is possible, especially if you are allergic to something in the glue or tape and are continuously exposing yourself to it.  Do I think women should stop wearing their lace fronts? Heck no!  They can be beautiful when worn right and there are other methods of wearing them that don't involve glue or tape.  Bottom line? No matter what type of weave you wear, never take the health of your real hair for granted.  Weaves and wigs should always be an option, not a necessity (unless something out of your control happens to your hair).  Therefore always keep your hair healthy, that is priority number 1!


  1. I am a Lace Wig Specialist and have done some extensive research and of course have seen it all and considered all the risks involved. I have even questioned things that we don't even consider such as hair carrying spirits. Most wigs and hair pieces are processed and handled by the Chinese. Do I trust them totally? No. Could the chemicals they are using to process hair and materials be dangerous? Yes. Could wigs be laced with unidentified chemicals and toxins? Yes and so can all hair honestly. Aside from theories on "possible" risks the adhesive is another story... The glues that are used often have a strong odor similar to nail polish. First clue that perhaps we should not directly apply this to our skin let alone directly to our forehead with pores that absorb toxins. This is alarming considering that our most vital aspect is our brain. I don't mean to ramble but when the research came out about relaxers being linked to reproductive health issues and other things I realized what a easy target black women have become in general.

    I have not seen any proof that the wigs themselves cause cancer however I do know that there are a number of things the wigs could be "laced" with. For example most people ask for sealed knots so that the hair will not shed as much. The factory uses a sealant to do this. With my own eyes I cannot tell by looking at two wigs which one has sealed knots and which doesn't. But I do know that it is a chemical similar to maybe a clear coat spray paint. Even after dry is it really safe to wear a painted item on your body? It is inevitable that you are exposing yourself to toxins and lets face it Cancer is not condition you are born with it is a condition developed over time to things that your body should not be exposed to such as chemicals. I could go on and on but I will end it with that. If anyone has questions or seeking advise you can certainly email me at anytime.

    Every be safe and take a moment to just evaluate your health and beauty will be sure to follow.

    1. I do not believe that wigs by themselves cause cancer.
      However, poor maintenance and hygiene can quickly become very, very unhealthy.
      Sadly, I see many women on the subway, who obviously are not being diligent with that.

      I believe that many of these cases are by women who do not bathe, and are not careful with what chemicals they use.
      Your skin needs to breathe.

      Google "trench foot" to see what happens when you wear boots too long.
      Do boots cause trench foot by themselves? Of course not!
      But their improper use certainly can.

      As a former beautician, I have seen ladies who do not listen to the experts, and how nasty it can become.
      I've seen horrible tension alopecia caused by excessive weight put on the hair, and applied by unskilled hair technicians.

  2. What is forehead cancer??? What organ would this cancer attack? It doesn't even sound logical. I'm sure constant wearing of a lace front wig would cause some type of damage to your hairline, but cancer?! That's a little far-fetched. I'm glad you cleared this up.

    1. I'm in medical school, and I'd be happy to explain this for you guys.
      I can see why it wouldn't make much sense.

      The cells that make up the tissue in the forehead become cancerous.
      It could be skin cancer, or it could be cancer of the cartilage, or other connective tissue.

      Any somatic cells can turn into cancer.
      Somatic cells are cells that divide on their own, and have a complete genome (so, not spermatozoa or eggs, and not blood cells)
      Cancer can often develop from damage done to a cell's genome, either from exposure to certain chemicals, heat, or the heat and radiation from sunlight.
      This is why sunlight can be so damaging, and can lead to skin cancer for people with lighter skin.
      Sunlight can also make your hair much thinner, because the cells in your hair follicles don't synthesize the keratin-based protein for your hair properly.

      Smoking gives you cancer.
      It's not really because of the chemicals, it's because of the heat.
      Repeated re-forming of scar tissue in the throat, mouth, and lungs eventually leads to cancer.
      When you're repeatedly damaging your tissue at a cellular level, there's a good chance that eventually cancer will develop.

      Actually, your own immune system kills thousands of cancerous cells in your body, every single day.
      When a cell is detected to not be properly functioning, your immune system kills it.
      So, when your immune system is compromised, you're much more likely to develop cancer of some kind.

      Anyway, there are many examples of repetitive stress being put on a specific part of the body, causing cancer.
      After constant use of a lace-front wig, all it may take is a compromised immune system due to stress, for cancer to develop.

  3. I dont think wigs can lead Cancer

    1. I'm very concerned with the misinformation I'm seeing spread.
      Just as an FYI, I am in medical school at Columbia, and I have worked in a salon when I was younger.
      I don't think that people understand basic skin care.
      Abuse of anything can lead to cancer.
      Any tissue that is put on constant strain can become cancerous.
      People who have repetitive scarring can certainly develop skin cancer.
      And it's not just cancer.
      There's a plethora of other diseases that can be caused by improper use of wigs.

      Even without any chemicals at all, heat and lack of proper respiration can cause cancer.

      Anyway, if you have any questions, I'd be happy to clarify things further, my email is

  4. I don't believe that wearing lace front or any other wigs cause cancer. People should take care of their own natural hair and clean around their hairline regardless. Has anyone ever thought who actually put out this forehead from lace front wigs scare. Probably an insecure, pathetic little man who has a problem with women wearing wigs. Anyway it goes keeping your hairline clean and taking good care of your hair is good thing to do. If you get cancer it just may be in your cards, everything happens for a reason.


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