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Monday, June 24, 2013

A Sew-In You Can Wear In More Than Just One Style- Versatility

This client of mine has been thinking of getting a sew in for a while now and finally decided today was the day.  She wanted to be able to wear it different ways, meaning she wanted to be able to change her part as well as pull it up if she went exercising.  I must say, my sew ins have come a long way and I'm so glad they have!  It is much more to it than just slapping some braids in the hair and then sewing the hair on.  There is an actual technique to it and different methods yield different results.  Nowadays women want their sew ins to look like they actually grew the hair out of their own scalp. Take a look at the pictures.

These pics show how you can pull it up in a high ponytail or bun and it still be undetectable..
side view

view from the top

back view
If for some reason she wanted to wear it in two ponytails, she could do that too...
no tracks shown!

The rest of the pics were taken after I curled it..

This sew in will last about three months.  For maintenance she can shampoo it just like she would her regular hair. The hair used is Brazilian straight (supplied by me) and it is virgin hair so she can color it if she chooses to with no problem.

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