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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

**UPDATE** My 90-Day Water Challenge Update

**For the first part of my challenge click here**

face of shame..

I'm so ashamed!  Weeks 6-9 have been a bust for me!  I have been slacking to say the least on my water challange.  I don't know what happened! I just fell off the wagon.  It's not that I haven't been drinking any water at all.. Well, I take that back, some days I don't but for the most part the challenge has been drinking my goal every day of 8 cups or 64oz.  I am really bad about it on my off days when I'm at home.  I can find everything else I want to drink and water is at the bottom of the list.  But honestly, most of the time when I don't drink my water it seems as though my thirst is just not quenched like it would be when I did drink all of my water so I can definitely tell a difference.  But guess what?? Today is a new day and I'm picking back up where I left off and rededicating myself back to my water challenge.

"I can do it!"
Someone asked me do I use the packets to flavor my water.  My answer is no because I kind of consider that cheating.  I do drink plenty of Crystal Light, as a matter of fact, that's what I drink majority of the time when I'm at home since that is what we replaced kool aid and fruit juice with.  I buy the fruit punch kind and mix it with the lemonade kind and I swear my family goes through about two gallons per day.  If I considered that as my water intake, then I definitely get more than enough daily.  When I refer to my water challenge, I'm talking about pure H2O.  I do think that if you want, you can add fresh fruit to the water to give it a little flavor but nothing that makes it taste totally different than actual water.  But that is just my opinion, if anyone doesn't agree with it, do what makes you most comfortable.

How has everyone else been doing??

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