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Friday, May 24, 2013

Talk About A Cut!

This client has done lots of different things with her hair.  She has gone from long hair, to locs, back to relaxed hair, and now back to natural hair.  Today she decided to do a drastic cut where the sides and back are shaved down and there is only hair at the top to play with.  She wanted the wavy look so I twisted her hair while wet and untwisted once dry.

I used a clarifying shampoo to get all excess residue off, followed up with a moisturizing shampoo, then gave her a moisturizing treatment with my very own Silk Hydration Intense Moisturizing Treatment.  I then used the Nairobi Foam Wrap to twist it.

I was going to leave a bit more hair but she told me she only wanted to be able to brush it down so I continued to cut!

She told me that it was very different, but that was what she wanted and the she really liked it.  So if she is happy, I'm happy!

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  1. That is bold! With someone who's done it all, this is another awesome move proving that it's just hair!


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