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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Silk Press Using Silk Hydration

This client is actually someone that I have known since elementary school.  She doesn't live in the same town as I do now but was here this past weekend and asked me to do her hair.  Of course I said yes!  She has natural hair and wanted it straightened.  Here is her before picture.

She has a tight curl pattern but it was very easy to detangle.  The secret is taking small sections and starting from the bottom then working your way up to the scalp. After shampooing, I conditioned with my very own Silk Hydration Intense Moisturizing Treatment, rinsed, detangled, then blow dried.  Next, I flat ironed with the ceramic iron and here are her after pictures.

End result:  Her hair turned out very soft, silky, and had lots of body.  She was a happy client, just how I like them!


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