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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Removable Sew-In vs. Traditional Sew-In

Today I'm going to go over the pros and cons of my removable sew in vs the traditional sew in.  First, lets start by explaining exactly what each is.  Most people are used to traditional sew ins.  This is when your own natural hair is braided to your scalp and the weave is sewn onto the braid.  See the visual below.

first, hair is braided down

then hair is sewn on

And its just that simple.  Your typical sew in lasts about 2 1/2 to 3 months.  After that, the hair is removed, the braids are taken down, and its time for your hair to be shampooed and deep conditioned.

With a removable sew in, your hair is still sewn down just as with a traditonal sew in.  Next, you take your u-part wig and sew the whole thing onto your hair.  Unlike a traditional sew in where you sew each track individually, you sew the entire unit onto your hair.  See more visuals below.

hair is braided down with some left out

then sew the whole piece on
Now that you know the difference between the two lets look at the pros and cons.

Pros of Traditional Sew In:
  • Very versatile. Can be pulled up into a high ponytail or bun w/out detection.
  • Natural looking
  • Lasts up to three months
  • Very convenient
Pros of a Removable Sew In:
  • Easily installed in less than 30 minutes
  • Can reuse same hair over and over by simply removing unit, washing, and putting back on.
  • Cost efficient.  Get more value for your money since you can reuse it.
  • Easily removed in less than 10 minutes
  • Natural looking
  • Convenient
Cons of a Traditional Sew In:
  • Once installed, you can not take out at your leisure and put back in on your own
  • Once removed, you can not reuse the same hair
  • Takes a few hours to install
  • Also takes a while to take down
  • Have to leave hair in while being shampooed
Cons of a Removable Sew In:
  • Can not be pulled in in high ponytail w/out being detected.
  • Can not be left in three months in a row (well you can, but I don't recommend it)
I love my removable sew in
I really love my removable sew in because it is so convenient and is super fast to install and take down.  I have the one in the picture on right now and tomorrow, I will take my hair down, shampoo it as well as the piece, then put it back on.  I like it more than a full wig because it looks more natural, but on those days where my hair is looking a hot mess, only a full wig will due! Stay tuned for the remix on this piece.  I plan on making it wavy.. If on tomorrow it's still straight, that means it was a complete fail... We'll see.

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  1. Your braiding pattern is SO on point in that first photo, love it!


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