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Monday, May 13, 2013

Relaxer Stretching- Pushing Past Six Weeks

This client is pushing her limits and going past her traditional eight week touch ups.  Instead, she is going to make it to ten, possibly twelve weeks.  She has the right idea and is going in the right direction towards having healthier hair.  She wants to try to continue stretching so she can have longer, healthier, relaxed hair.  Remember, relaxer is not a bad word!  Its all about how you use it. Using them correctly is the difference between having healthy hair and having damaged hair.

Once she gets her hair straightened, she can maintain the straightness at home. Her roots will remain this straight until she shampoos her hair again or until it gets wet some other way (sweat, humidity, etc.).
see how straight it still looks?

For this client, she will continue to wrap her hair every night to maintain having it straight throughout her stretch.  The next time she comes in, she will be getting her relaxer and I will show you how much new growth she has.

Stay tuned!!

1 comment

  1. What if you have 4c hair?? I do, and I need my hair relaxed every 4 weeks.


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