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Monday, May 6, 2013

Partial Sew-In

This is one of my teen clients that has come to love getting sew ins.  Her birthday is approaching so her mommy was nice enough to let her get her third sew in.  She gets lots of growth when she gets sew ins due to the fact that there is no heat or chemicals being applied to the braided hair and who doesn't love lots of growth?!  Here are some pics.

This time we curled it very tight then brushed the curls out in order to give them a more relaxed look.  If she continues to brush the hair it will begin to look wavy and less curly.  If she wants to keep the hair looking curly, she can roll it at night and simply take the rollers out the next day and finger comb back through.

Remember, you should never see breakage after taking a sew in down.  Instead you should see lots of growth.  I recommend only keeping your sew in for 8-10 weeks and not over because the hair needs to be taken down and deep conditioned.  Also, you don't want the extension hair to be hanging from the braid that has grown out from the scalp.

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