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Friday, May 10, 2013

My Relaxer Alternative: Keratin Treatment

Do you remember when I did the keratin treatment on my mother? Well I stopped updating her weekly results because she got braids, then got braids again!  At this point I realized I no longer have a tester for the keratin treatment so I decided I would make myself the new test subject.  After 22 weeks I decided to put an end (at least temporarily) to my relaxer stretching.  I had about four inches of new growth so instead of getting a touch up I got a keratin treatment.  Check out the pic.

Results? So far so good!  Today made day #2 and I haven't had any negative effects.  You are supposed to wait at least three days or 72 hours until you shampoo it so I plan on shampooing it again probably on next Wednesday.  I put on my removable sew in a.k.a my u-part wig that was sewn on so I did braid down some of my hair in order to sew on the piece.

More about the keratin treatment: 
I did it on myself and used the same one that I used on my mom.  It is called the Do-it-yourself brazilian keratin treatment.  I started by shampooing my hair with the clarifying shampoo that was in the kit until my hair felt squeaky clean (twice).  Then I towel dried the hair and began putting the treatment on.  It was very similar to putting on a relaxer, I only applied a very small amount on my new growth only since that is the only part that I wanted straight.  I then combed it through to make sure that each strand of my new growth was covered.  And, unlike a relaxer, I didn't have to worry about overlapping because the keratin is not a chemical and won't over-process my hair if any got on it.  Going all the way to the ends though would have been pointless because I would have been just wasting product  by putting it on hair that is already straight.  

After all of the keratin treatment was applied, I then put a plastic processing cap on and let it sit for about 25 minutes.  Then I blow dried the hair until it was completely dry, then flat ironed it.  My hair did feel like there was a slight residue on it I'm guessing because I had to blow dry it with the treatment still in there.  Once I shampoo it, I expect it to feel like how my mom's felt when I shampooed hers the week after she got it.  I must admit though, the texture went great with the texture of the hair I have in the removable sew in so that was a definite plus.

Stay tuned next week when I do the first update...

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