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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Jamaican Vacation

I have been absent from the blog due to I was on a much needed vacation with Mr. Jones in wonderful Jamaica!  To say that I had an awesome time would be a complete understatement. Their actually needs to be a new word to describe how much fun we had.  I'll start with my pictures of my hair.  I took the straight hair on my removable sew in and shampooed it as well as conditioned it.  While it was still wet I braided it and let it completely dry.

To stop the ends from coming undone I put small black rubber bands on them.  Once it was completely dry I took them off before taking the braids down.

Also, I braided the braids kind of fat so that the wave pattern would be looser.  Smaller braids equal smaller waves almost like a crimping iron.  That wasn't the look I was going for so I opted for the larger size.  Here is the finished product.

I was pretty happy with the finished product after I finished playing with it a bit.  I finger combed it a lot to make it blend so that it wouldn't look like just a bunch of braids that got taken down.  The key to making the braid pattern very distinctive is to make sure the braids are completely dry and to also braid fairly tightly.

The downside of this hair is that once I got to really enjoying my vacation the waves started getting looser and looser.  And once I got it wet, it was completely through.  After it got wet, I started rebraiding it and put the blow dryer to it so that it could dry and I could get my waves back.  Sounds easy right? Wrong! That hair took so long to dry and I couldn't wait, scratch that, I didn't WANT to wait for it to completely dry so I eventually made the hair back straight on day three.

At night, I still braided the hair (before straightening and getting wet) to keep it wavy but I was out on the beach all morning and once the humidity got to it along with the little bit of water that it encountered, it wasn't long before I straightened it.  Next time I do this I will use something like mousse instead of the Nairobi foam wrap because the mousse will make it firm and allow it to stay longer whereas the Nairobi made it softer.

That pretty much sums up my hair on my vacay, now enjoy some of my pictures and if you ever get a chance to travel internationally, put Jamaica on your list! We went to an all inclusive resort and were pampered from entrance to exit of the resort.

But first, check out this woman's hair I saw. I had to take a pic!


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