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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keratin Treatment Update (Week 1)

After my first week with the keratin treatment, I shampooed it and conditioned it well.  However, instead of straightening it I braided most of it and put my u-part wig back on to get ready for my vacation.  Therefore I can't give a true review on week 1.  When I did flat iron the top, it didn't give me any problems and did get as straight as I wanted it to with no problem, which was a big plus.  For week 1 I pretty much wore my hair in the wavy look (see pic below).

For week 1, I didn't use the shampoo that came in the kit because I left it at the salon.  This time I used a clarifying shampoo followed by my Silk Hydration Intense Moisturizing Treatment.  I then put some Nairobi Foam Wrap on it, combed it straight down, and put my satin scarf on it (while still wet) and let it air dry.  Once I took the satin scarf off the next day, that is when I braided and put my wig on.

Come back for the review for week 2...

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