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Monday, May 6, 2013

Having long AND healthy RELAXED hair!

I am so happy that this client came to me.  It was her first time and she came in for me to give her a relaxer touch up.  She informed me that her last touch up was 16, yes I said SIXTEEN weeks ago.  She stretches all of her relaxers out this long.  In her quest to achieving long hair, she told me that she not only stretches out her relaxers but she also watches how much heat she puts on it and only uses it sparingly.  This is what I have been telling ya'll for the longest!  Now you see (again) that you don't have to have natural hair to have long hair.  It's all about how you use the chemicals.  This client says she was once told by a stylist that she needed to get a relaxer every five weeks because her hair was so thick.  In the meantime she was also noticing that her hair was always shedding and breaking off and looking unhealthy.  She had an epiphany one day while she was in her bathroom and saw all of her broken hairs on the floor.

before pic
She knew that something was wrong and decided to stop getting her relaxers as often.  She began stretching longer and longer which is how she has reached her sixteen week mark.  To help her get to sixteen weeks she also wears updos like buns and also uses her half wigs.  This way, she doesn't have to add any heat to her hair, allowing for optimal growth.

before (view from other side)
Today she wanted a flat wrap for her style.  Take a look at her hair once it was relaxed and combed straight down but was still wet.

Can you imagine having all of this hair, getting a flat wrap, and having to sit under the dryer until it is completely dry? Well, her it goes... This is the pic after I got all of the hair up and wrapped..


Her hair still wasn't dry and her hunger as well as getting tired of sitting under the dryer took over.  I took it down and blow dried the rest, then flat ironed.  I told her that she got an A for effort anyway.  Here are her after pics.

Take a good look at how you can have long, healthy, and relaxed hair.  Now this is what I call good hair!


  1. Beautiful, healthy, relaxed hair. Your client is an inspiration to me. I have been a lurker to your site for a while but this is my first comment. I love your hair philosophy. I wish I lived near your shop, I would definitely be a client. Keep up the great work

  2. Definitely everyone likes to have long and healthy hairs. This post inspires me to have long and healthy hair.

  3. Wow, her hair is very beautiful and looks very very healthy. I applaud her so much for sticking through and straying away from chemicals for a while. It did great on her and it looks absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I agree with her approach I have stretched for.over 6 months .It is healthier to use heat and relaxers sparingly.My hair 16 I inches long.I would not in any way.advise anyone to stretch as long as I did.Do whatever works for you.


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