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Thursday, May 23, 2013

**CONTEST** Introducing The First Item In My Product Line: Silk Hydration!!

Ok, I am very very VERY excited about this!  I am introducing my very own product. Yes, I made it myself.  I can hardly believe it.  Anyway, let me explain how this came about..  I found myself always searching for the perfect conditioner, the one that would just blow my mind.  I would come close, but was never really satisfied.  That lead me to the conclusion that I could just make one myself.  I knew the ingredients that I wanted in it, knew how I wanted the hair to feel, and I know how my clients like for their hair to feel so I set out on a quest to build, or create, my own conditioner.  Then I wanted to create not just a regular conditioner (although I will eventually create that as well), but I wanted to create a super conditioner that aids in hair growth as well as intensely moisturizes for those that suffer from dry hair and damaged hair.  So that is just what I did!  This "super" conditioner contains lots of hair loving oils and vitamins which includes olive oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe and vitamins A & E just to name few.

I also made sure that it contained softening agents to make the hair silky smooth.  Once I had my magic formula I had to test it out.  I started testing it on my weave when shampooing it.  I would apply the conditioner and leave it on for at least thirty minutes before rinsing.  The first time I rinsed, the weave felt so soft that I couldn't believe it.  I thought well maybe it feels this way just because its weave.  I needed a second opinion so I started using it on myself and sure enough, I got the same results!  I'm not saying this just because I created this product, it really is good.  Then I thought, well maybe I am biased so I'll get more opinions.  I then started using it on my clients to get their opinion.  Every one that I have used it on has asked about it and wondered what was in their hair that was making it so soft.  I'm not kidding!
Hair after my Silk Hydration Conditioning Treatment

Now I will let five of my blog readers test it out as well and give me feedback.  I will be giving away five samples of the intense moisturizing treatment as a giveaway.  If you are interested, here is the criteria:

  1. You MUST be subscribed to the blog (yes I can verify)
  2. Send an email to with Silk Hydration Treatment in the subject line tell how you would benefit from my intense moisturizing treatment.
  3. Winners will be chosen based on the most compelling emails!
** Also the first four people to purchase my ebook after reading this can also email with "I bought it" in the subject line and forward a copy of your confirmation email that you purchased it and you will also be sent a free sample!**

Good luck!

To those who don't win a free sample, you can still purchase a full size bottle by going to my website and clicking on the online store tab or just click here..

I want to know what you guys think! Whether you purchase or are given a sample, please give me your feedback.


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  1. Do you get the same effect on natural hair? And what shampoo do you use with this conditioner?


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