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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Braids Gone Wrong

This client came in because she had a case of "braids gone wrong".  She had her braids in for a few months and by the time she took them out she noticed a drastic change for the worse.  She admitted that she may have had them in too long (not sure of the exact time) and said that she noticed that they looked matted.  Once she took them down she thought that all of her hair was still in tact, but once she shampooed it her hair began to come out in clumps.  She cut her hair down to the new growth!  After that, she started wearing wigs and weaves to give it a chance to grow out a bit.  I didn't take a before picture but she came in and it was about two inches long all over.  I cut it very short and left a tad bit (notice I said tad) of length on the top.  Most of my clients have a good bit of length on their hair so whenever I have the opportunity to cut this short it's a good day for me!  Check out her after pictures..

Since it has been way over two weeks since she took the braids down and allowed it to start growing back, I started by relaxing her hair.  After that, I cut it while it was wet, molded her down with some Nairobi Foam Wrap, and placed her under a dryer.  

After she was completely dry I made sure the cut was even by checking it and cleaning up her neck line. Then I began the fun part, curling!  I curled all of her hair with a very small flat iron.  I no longer use the marcel irons and stove because my stove died on me one day and I didn't think it was worth it to buy another one since I rarely do clients with hair that is that short.  Maybe every blue moon but I felt like that would have been a waste of money so instead I use my flat iron and it has worked out just fine.  

This client has had her hair short before so getting it cut this short was not a shock or something new for her. She really liked it and was happy with the results and that is all that matters!

Once I curled it I ran my fingers through it to give the hair a feathered look.  I sprayed a little oil sheen and holding spray on it and she was on her merry way...

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