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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Happy Wig Client

This client was actually referred by one of the clients of the owner of the salon I work in.  She stated how her friend was interested in a wig and he told her she should come see me.  She called me and told me what she was looking for, came in for a consultation, and I took it from there.  She wanted a short bob with layers to give her a cute style.  I went and bought the hair and since she opted for the hand sewn method, I began strategically sewing the hair on it.  Here is the prototype.

And here is the prototype on the client..

She told me that she was very happy with her hair and that she loved her new wig.  She likes the messy look which is always challenging for me because I like for hair to look neat like in the prototype.  She preferred the "bed head" look.  She also didn't like the swoop bang but wanted something that didn't come over her eye so I cut it accordingly. Her real hair is very fine and very short and is closer to brown so this was definitely something new for her.  At first she kept saying it wasn't her, but I explained to her that the very reason for wanting a wig is because she wasn't happy with how her hair looks so it isn't supposed to look like your hair! She kept wanting me to thin it out and cut it shorter and shorter but once I cut it short enough to not be in her face anymore I stopped cutting.  If I would have kept cutting, her wig cap would have eventually started showing which is a no no!

She stayed for a while and played with it to make sure she could style it as well as put it on by herself and the longer she kept it on, the more she began to love it.  She ended up leaving with it on and didn't want to go straight home! I just love happy clients!

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