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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why Relaxers & Color Don't Mix

I always tell my clients that when it comes to chemicals and which one to put in the hair, pick one and stick with it.  In other words, which one do you want more, the relaxer or the color?  Having both at the same time is almost always a recipe for disaster.  This is a client of mine who had to learn the hard way despite what I told her.  She decided to go to another stylist to get some color.  I'm not exactly sure what kind of color was used or if any bleach was involved but what I do know is that the end result was DAMAGE!  

You can see from the picture above that the hair is broken off right at the color line.  This is what happened all over the head.  Ladies, you don't have to learn the hard way!  My advice would be to stop coloring your relaxed hair.  I've seen too many cases where it does not end up good.  Especially if you relax your hair every eight weeks or less.  Also it is not a good idea to get color on you relaxed hair if you want the color to be more than two shades lighter than your original color.

The lighter you try to make your hair, the weaker it makes the hair, thus the more susceptable it is to being damaged.  There are plenty of alternatives to having color in your hair.  My personal favorite is extensions (no glue of course).  It is the easiest way to get the color you want without sacrificing your hair's health.

The good news about having your hair damaged is that most of the time it can and will grow back healthy if you take the necessary steps.  This client came back to me because she knows I will do just that.  We started by cutting to make it more even.  I didn't cut all of the damage out because her hair would have been really short.  Instead I cut layers to make the hair appear not as uneven as  it was and from that point I will give treatments and deep conditioners to nurse the hair back to health.  As the hair begins to grow back healthy I will then start trimming more damaged parts off.

This is the end result of cutting in layers and camouflaging as much damage as I could.  She has informed me that she will be coming weekly to get her hair back healthy.  See more after pictures below.

Remember, never sacrifice your hair's health for a hair style!  Take care of your hair and it will show..

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