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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

**UPDATE** Journey To Long Hair

I started my quest back to long hair last year when I said that I was going to grow my hair back out from getting it cut in an angled bob.  Before getting a bob cut, I had never drastically cut my hair other than just getting layers.  Needless to say, I got a bit scissor happy and started cutting the back shorter and shorter.  But once I started this blog, one of my most frequently asked questions is how to grow your hair or how to get your long hair back.  What better way can I tell you other than by doing it myself?  So here we are, on a journey back to long hair.  What started as a bob that I could barely grip in the back is looking more like my hair is getting more and more even all around as they months roll by.

To see the beginning of my journey click here.

And here is my latest picture taken today..

At this point my neck is completely covered and is just barely past my shoulders.  I have been wearing my removable sew ins as well as my full wigs and been protecting my hair from the natural elements of the air.  I have also been keeping it either braided while wearing the removable sew in and wrapped while wearing the full wig.  Although my full wigs are so convenient, the removable sew in has a more natural look so I will be wearing more of those in the future.  I will still wear my full wigs as well but will more than likely be converting to a lace front closure instead of a traditional closure.  And let's not forget the water challenge! It has most definitely been helping my hair journey.  The pictures you see are with no oil at all being applied to my hair. Yes, drinking at least 48oz of water did that...

My real hair will not be neglected in my growing process.  I am going to wear it out this week, starting by shampooing it and giving myself a deep condition tomorrow.  Tomorrow (4/23) makes 20 weeks since my last relaxer! Wow, I had no idea it had been that long until I just now counted.  I don't know how much longer I will go because although I am very much satisfied with how straight it is at the moment, once I get it wet tomorrow it will be a different story.  We shall see...

Anybody else out there on their hair journey? How is it going?

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