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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taking Care Of Your Hair While Wearing Wigs

I have been wearing nothing but wigs for the past three weeks and I'm loving all of the convenience that comes with it.  It is very important though, to not forget about taking care of your real hair when wearing them.  It can be very easy to forget that our natural hair still needs tlc, but failure to do so will lead to breakage.  If you remember to still shampoo and deep condition your hair while wearing weaves and wigs, you will notice a lot of growth and hair that is a lot healthier.

While I was wearing my removable sew in/u-part wig, I had my hair braided underneath and only had a little of my edges out to cover the tracks.  After two weeks I took the wig off, took my hair down from being braided and did a thorough shampoo with a clarifying shampoo, followed by a moisturizing shampoo.  After that I did a deep conditioner.

Once I dried my hair, I flat ironed my real hair, wrapped it, put on my wig cap, and put my newest wig creation on.  So, while I had the wig on my hair was wrapped underneath and not being exposed to any of the elements in the air and will not exposed to any more heat.  I have decided that this wig is a little too dark for me, it appears to be jet black instead of off black or dark brown which is what I am accustomed to.  I think I will color it tomorrow which means I will wear my real hair in the morning, color it while at work (reason number 5486 that I love my job!), then put it back on when I finish.  I will post results tomorrow.  I'm not sure where I got this hair since it is a collaboration of previous wigs so hopefully the color will take but we will see..

If you continue to treat, protect, and nurture your natural hair even while wearing wigs you will see lots and lots of growth!  I will continue to wear my wigs probably until I'm ready to do another length check.  At that time, I'll do the length check then more than likely go back to the wigs.  They are just so darn convenient!


  1. Great tips of taking care of your real hair when you are wearing the wigs.

  2. Wow! Your wig is so beautiful!!!!!


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