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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Silk Press With an Extra Helping of Silk

This is one of the best silk presses I have done to date.  Not because of how the hair looks, but because of the way it felt.  It felt so soft and silky! I used a different secret ingredient and my oh my what a difference it made.  You can't buy these products at Sally's folks!  Let's start with the before picture..

Her natural hair was kinky but was pretty easy to detangle.  My routine was pretty much the same as usual on my silk presses and included shampooing and conditioning really good, blow drying, and pressing. My secret ingredient made the hair feel A-MAZ-ING!!! I can't tell you all of my secrets though. Sorry!  Here are the rest of the after pics.

These pics are showing the length and how it looks completely straight but since her hair is cut in layers, she wanted the layers to show and for it to be a bit more curly for a special occasion.

I really wish everyone could feel her hair.  It felt and smelled so wonderful! What does everyone think of the look?

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