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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sew In Time

This client is a friend that I have known since we were eleven years old.  She came to me to get her first sew in.  She was so nervous about how it was going to come out because she got some hair glued in a while ago and didn't like it at all.  But she knew that she saw pictures of other sew ins that I did and she liked them.  She decided to go for it so here is her end result..

I like to do sew ins on people to make them look as natural as possible.  I can't stand when someone has so much weave in their head that it is obvious from a mile away.  Anyway, here are more pics.

front view

side view

back view

side view
Ok, so here are the details on this sew in.  I used one pack of Bobbi Boss hair in 12inch #4.  I braided it very flat to the scalp so that the hair would lay very flat making the sew in look more natural.  She didn't want too much length but only a little which is why she went with 12inch.  I have a feeling that once she gets used to it she will go a bit longer on the second go round.

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