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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Relaxer Stretching (Extreme Edition)

I honestly can't believe I have gone this long without a relaxer.  If you were to ask me one year ago if I could ever go this long, I would have given the side eye followed by a heck no!  It has officially been 20 weeks or five months since my last relaxer.  What has helped me do this is wrapping my hair every single night and my Deve flat iron.  Using that flat iron makes my hair, especially my new growth look like freshly relaxed hair, even my edges!  It also makes it feel very soft.  The only time I question myself about going this long is when I wet my hair and see the monster that forms when my hair is wet.  Yet, that is also the reason why I'm pretty sure I won't transition to completely natural.  Take a look at my 20-week post relaxed hair pic.

added Hicks edge control also

Sorry for blocking my face but I didn't have on a drop of makeup, not even lip gloss and the world wide web is not ready for that! Ha!  Back to the topic on hand, once I get to the point where I want to get a touch up which will probably be in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to get a keratin treatment instead of a relaxer.  Keratin treatments last up to four months which is close to the time I get my touch ups anyway so I think I'll try that for a while to see if my hair will grow any faster.  Even though most of my hair is relaxed I do  have a whole lot of new growth, five months worth to be exact, which is plenty to switch.  Since my mom got braids and I am no longer able to track her progress with the keratin treatment, I will become the new subject.  The kit that was sent to me is advertised as being a do it yourself project so I'll do it in the comfort of my own bathroom and may even do some video footage as well.

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