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Monday, April 1, 2013

Product Giveaway

Ok, so I was contacted by this company to do a giveaway on the blog.  I must admit that I thought it was some hair clips or something used to pull the hair up but once I received them I realized that it was not at all what I thought.  However, they apparently have many uses and look cute on the little girls in the pictures below, so two of you readers will be getting some of these items for FREE! Here is more info on the item:


Qoileez! are multipurpose, trendy, and affordable hair accessories that adds a bit of style and flash to your favorite hairstyles, pencils, chopsticks, eyeglasses, knitting needles – your creativity is the limit! {We’ve even seen them on adorable dog “furstyles."} Yes, you can use the same item in your best hairstyle or as knitting supplies!

Qoileez! are small rubber coils in a wide variety of colors and patterns: dots, stripes, stars, animal prints, and surprise mixes! They are sold in basic packages of seven for $4.99 or deluxe packages of 14 for $7.99.

They are a simple and affordable way to add fashion fun to hairstyles. With a simple stretch and twirl - Qoileez! add color and style. However, it is really fun to see how creative customers can get with how they use their Qoileez! We’ve seen both girls and boys use them on their pencils, on their glasses, and as an aid to make using chopsticks easier. They are a great way to keep knitting needles together in knitting baskets.

Visit for more info.

Requirements for the giveaway:
-You MUST be subscribed to the blog!
-Send an email to and put "pick me" in the subject line and tell me how you can benefit from these hair accessories.

Winner will be chosen tomorrow at 2p.m. (eastern).  Good luck!

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