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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My PottyTraining Sucess Story

Ever since Cam's second birthday I have been introducing him to the toilet.  I must admit, when he first turned two, he caught onto the idea of potty training rather quickly.  He was going every time I sat him on his potty. Even his teachers at school said that he was the only child in the class that would use it on the potty.  I thought to myself that this had to be too good to be true... And it was! After a few weeks he decided that he was over the whole potty training thing and reverted back to pull ups.  After many failed attemps and countless frustations many people started telling me that he just wasn't ready and I began to believe it.  But then on the other hand I thought how could he catch on to other things so quickly?  How could my two year old enter the code on an ipad to unlock it, download apps, and rearrange his folders on there to be like he wants it but couldn't potty train?  How could he record and play back videos on his leap pad but couldn't potty train? Everything else he was introduced to he caught on so quickly but you mean to tell me he isn't ready to potty train? But he can tell me to come and watch him pee in the tub and will bring me another pull up after he has pooped in the one he currently has on?  Then I quickly realized that it wasn't that he wasn't ready, he just didn't want to, period.  He didn't have an interest in it.  It got to the point where even when I tried to sit him down on the toilet he would have the biggest fit like he thought something was going to jump from the toilet and attach itself to his butt.  At this point I got so frustrated that I threw in the white towel.  I thought that I had tried everything.  Here is a list of my failed attempts.

  • Cheerios-  I realized putting Cheerios in the toilet was a no-go when I caught him trying to take the Cheerios out of the toilet (before peeing) to eat them!  From that point on there where no more Cheerios in the toilet.
  • Rewarding-  I tried rewarding whenever he would go and that lasted maybe a day or two but was never consistent.  He basically got his reward then went and did the same thing in his pull up again.
  • Letting him wear underwear-  I got over this one real quick.  He treated his underwear like the were pull ups and would poop and pee in them whenever he pleased which only made me more frustrated.  I got frustrated because after each incident I would ask him  where he was supposed to poo and pee and he would tell me in the toilet!  Then I would ask him what is he supposed to say and he would say "Mommy, I have to go potty".  So I knew that he knew better but just didn't want to do it for some reason.  
  • Letting him walk around "commando style"-  I also quickly got over this one when he came and told me he pooped.  I'm thinking to myself that he doesn't have anything on so where in the world did he poop?! I asked him where and he told me on the carpet in his room! Really??  You knew you had to use it so instead of telling me you run in your room and squat instead of getting on the toilet?! Oh ok... On to the next idea.
  • Bribery- This was my last resort.  And it worked for quite a while!  He would go use the potty then ask for whatever toy he wanted.  But as soon as he got it, it was back to those old ways again.  Many Thomas the Trains and Chuggington sets later, both Mr. Jones and I decided we weren't doing bribery anymore..
At Cam's 3-year check up I shared my frustrations with his pediatrician.  She told me what I wish I would have known months earlier.  She told me it is basically my will against his.  She said that he was definitely ready and knew what he was supposed to do but he just chose to do what he wanted.  She advised me to take everything from him that he liked, toys, tv, everything and to tell him he would get it back once he went to the potty like a big boy.  She encouraged me and got me so hyped up that despite her advice to wait until I had a few consecutive days alone with him, I went home that day and started with him as soon as he got home from school.  As soon as he got home I told him that he would not be playing with his ipad, toys, and that he would not even be watching any cartoons until he started using the potty.  I also told him that he would be wearing his big boy underwear from now on (with the exception of nap time and bed time) and that if he peed or pooped on them that he would not get any of his taken items back.  

Then it was time to get started.  

Day 1- From the time he got home until the time he had to go to bed, he didn't have one accicent!  I was impressed but refused to get excited just because it was the first day and that he had fooled me before.  
Day 2-  The next day (Friday) I sent him to school in his big boy underwear.  I explained to him that he was 3 now and that meant he was a big boy.  I told him that big boys don't wear pull ups anymore and don't use it in their underwear.  I told his teacher that he had on underwear once we got to the school and told her that there were changes of clothes in his bag just in case.  All day I could barely concentrate on my clients because I kept on wondering how Cam was doing at school with his potty training.  Mr. Jones picked him up and called me once they got in the car only to inform me that the teacher said that Cam stayed dry all day!! Now I was getting excited.  He had never went two days in a row completely dry.  I encouraged him and praised him so that he could keep it up.  
Day 3- (Saturday) I went to work and was there all day so Cam was with Mr. Jones.  I was skeptical because I knew that they had a lot of ripping and running to do and the past two days he did good while in one location, school or home.  Today would be the real test.  Once I got home, they were still out but Mr. Jones informed me that he hadn't had any accidents! His underwear remained dry all day long.  Thank you Jesus I thought! Finally we are getting somewhere!
Day 4- (Sunday) I gradually started letting Cam play with his toys for limited amounts of time but still didn't give him full access to them just yet.  I told him to make sure he kept up the good work.  He must have listened to me because we had another accident-free day!
Day 5- (Monday) Today we had to go to Mr. Jones' grandmother's funeral so it was another day of being gone all day long.  I made sure to take him constantly because although he is not having anymore accidents, he still is not telling me that he has to go so I have to time it and take him every hour (used to be every 30 minutes) or right after meals.  I took him right before we headed out, as soon as we got to our first location, as soon as we got to the next location, and once we were there for a while, I took him every hour.  After five days of wearing big boy underwear and not having accidents I think I can officially say that I have a potty trained kid!

Again, he is still not requesting to go but he is not wetting himself either.  I am working on getting him to tell me but am a little more patient since he has the main part down.  I also still put his pull up on at night and when he takes naps until I see that he can keep them dry, but again I'm a lot more patient with that since he has the main part down.  

I could not be happier for my big boy.  He caught on way quicker than I thought he would and actually stuck with it.  I have now allowed him to play with his ipad and toys again.  Now that we are over this milestone, I may have to think about giving Cam a playmate...


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