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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Silk Pressing For Natural Hair

This is a picture of a client of mine that is completely natural. She has no chemicals, including color, in her hair and this is her curl pattern.  She came in to get her hair straightened for a silk press.  I forgot to take a before picture but the picture above shows what her hair looks like wet and after I applied the Nairobi Foam Wrap on it.

This is the "during" photo.  It was taken right after her hair dried and before I blow dried it.  At this point I blew it out even more to get it mostly straight before I flat ironed it.

This is the after pic.  Wow! Where did all of this hair come from??  Once I pressed it out it seemed like it stretched about four inches.. Her hair came out beautiful and very soft to the touch.

Products used to get this look:
Clarifying shampoo
Moisturizing shampoo
Moisturizing conditioner
Foam Wrap
(my secret ingredient)- I can't tell ya'll everything!

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