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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Microbraids Gone Wrong- Why You Should Always Speak Up When Your Braids Are Too Tight

This client had to learn the hard way how having braids too tight can be detrimental to your hair.  I am not opposed to braids or any protective styling that will aid in your hair's growth process.  However, I do not condone any style that is uncomfortably tight, especially around the edges because the edges are the most fragile part of the hair.  That is why they are the first to go when damage is being done to the hair.  This client went in for microbraids, and although they were too tight she kept them hoping that they would eventually loosen up.  Well, two weeks later she took them down to find that her edges were nowhere to be found!  The braids came out all the way down to the bulb of her hair.  Take a look at how microbraids can damage your hair..

Ok, so now you see how ANY style, not just braids, that are too tight can damage your hair.  If your style has you uncomfortable in any way, it is too tight.  Never, never, never, sacrifice your hair's health for a style. It is an absolute no no!  Take a look a her transformation.  She chose to chop it off and start fresh.

before cutting

before cutting
And here is the after...

Side view
I was able to cut it short and still conceal the bald spots on the sides.

Front view- she's a bit shy...

side view- other side

back view
What do you all think?


  1. Beautiful after the cut seems to suit her well

  2. I somewhat even through this experience when I had microbraids with braiding hair. After taking out my micro braids, I applied castor oil on my edges for like 2 months. They grew back to normal tremendously. Within those two months, I also did micro braids again as a protective style. Only this time, I did it only with my natural hair. I made a customized 3/4 wig and wore it on top of my micro braids when ever I was heading out. I was able to retain my length wash my scalp more effectively. I also added more moisture to my hair. I wrote a whole post about this on my site.


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