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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kids & Silk Presses (Natural Hair)

This cute little one came in for a silk press.  Yes, even your adorable little girls can enjoy all of the benefits of a silk press.  I have found that the little ones especially love to have the "gone with the wind fabulous" hair.  They love to see it swing and can't seem to stay out of the mirror.  I guess it's because they aren't used to having it down all the time so when they do, they take full advantage of it.  Check out this little princess.

Isn't she super cute?
I followed the same routine I do for adults, clarifying shampoo, moisturizing, then a moisturizing conditioner.  Blow out, the silk it!

More angles below..

I also did apply a little edge control to the edges to make them look smoother.  If you didn't know, edge control is a life saver!

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