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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is Your Sew-In Helping Your Hair Grow?!

This client came to me a few months ago seeking to get healthier hair.  Her hair was short and was just growing out of a cut that was shaved in the back and on the sides.  She then started inquiring about a sew in after a few visits.  Since her hair was so short I had to use some braid hair to grip it and help me braid it up. After about 6 weeks she decided to take it down and I was feeling like a proud mother after seeing how much new growth she had.  Take a look.

The picture above shows  the new growth before I even took the braids down.  Wow! Remember, her hair was very short on the sides and in the back.  Here is a picture of after I finished.

Its hanging on her neck now!

back view

side view

She got a relaxer and had her ends trimmed.  Her scalp looked great and hair looked very healthy.  No breakage and no abnormal shedding.  She did come and get her sew in shampooed and conditioned every two weeks as well.  I love seeing healthy hair!

1 comment

  1. Great growth and her looked really pretty after you styled it!


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