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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Cameron!

Today was bittersweet for me.  It is my baby's 3rd birthday!  I remember when I had him like it was yesterday and now he's actually three years old. He's growing way to fast for me, but I'm trying to savor every moment and just enjoy the ride.  I really like giving him parties and I wanted to do something big this year because I felt like this is the age where he will actually enjoy himself and all of his company.  At the first party he wasn't quite walking yet, at the second party he was super cranky, but at this one he was all smiles and he told me that he was happy and having a good time and that made all of the effort worth it.

The birthday boy

We invited all of our family and closest friends to come help us celebrate.  The weather was perfect, the sun was bright, and there was not a cloud in the sky!

Cam posing
This moonwalk may have been the best money I spent on the party.  The kids played on it until the very last second when the guy had to come take it back!  They absolutely had a blast on this thing.  It didn't go with the Disney Cars 2 theme but it was the only big one they had that had a slide on it and had a basketball goal inside.  Plus, I don't think Cam cared that it was crayons instead of cars.

mini pool

This was for the kids to cool down in just in case they got too hot.  Cam decided to jump in fully clothed instead of waiting on me to put his trunks on!

The cake
This birthday cake was amazing!  It was made out of cupcakes! The easiest cake ever.  All I had to do was simply hand each kid a cupcake, no cutting involved.  I may never get a regular birthday cake for Cam again.  Half was chocolate and the other half was red velvet.  I also served ice cream with it.

Getting the food ready

sides and condiments
For the party I decided to do hotdogs and chips and keep it simple.  I don't think I've ever seen so many hotdogs on my grill at one time.  And I asked our "chef" to cook them slightly burned because they taste so much better that way! I also put a few smoked sausages out there and they were the first to go.  I simply love grilled hotdogs.  Cam enjoyed his without the bun, just meat only, ketchup, and a side of chips.

I can honestly say I don't know who gave Cam what gift because when I came in the room where all the gifts were, he had gone through and opened them all! But hey, it's his birthday and I guess he just couldn't wait.  What could I say other than, enjoy?  The rest of the day was full of family, friends, food, music, basketball, and fun!

Cam testing his new drums

Cam's cousin

my dad and me

Now time for the potty training! Ya'll pray for me...

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