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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bob Time!

I just love bobs! Everytime I cut someone's hair in a bob it makes me want to cut my hair again. This client just happened to find me on google and came in for a cut.  She previously had shoulder length hair and her hair is extremely thick which is why she also chose layers, as layers take weight out of the hair .  This is why I do not recommend someone with thin hair get a layered haircut.  Layering it will only make it look thinner.  But for this client layers were perfect for her.  Due to the fact that my crappy phone has the battery life which is the same as a 2-year old's attention span I had to limit my picture taking to only after shots.

side view
She was very happy and pleased with her cut which makes me very happy and pleased.  And the best part about it is that she didn't have to spend her entire Saturday in the salon with me! Her appointment was at 11am, she was out by 12p.

I started out by cutting her hair first before shampooing it.  Once I had it all cut, then I took her to the shampoo bowl and used a clarifying shampoo on her first followed by a moisturizing shampoo.  Next, I deep conditioned with a moisturizing conditioner.  After rinsing and towel drying the hair, I applied Nairobi foam wrap, combed straight down and placed under the dryer. Once dried I curled and styled the hair.

back view
What do you think?

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