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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why You Should Never Get Your Relaxed Hair Bone Straight

Naomi Campbell

Being a relaxed hair lover as well as a professional hairstylist, I have learned a lot of tips (mostly from experience) on what not to do.  One thing I learned in my experience as well as in the classroom was to never get relaxed hair bone straight.  I know that a lot of women absolutely love that bone straight look and absolutely hate any hint of a wave a.k.a new growth.  But the truth is, your hair should still have at least 20% elasticity in it meaning that the hair should only be 80% straight.  The reason for this is because the straighter the hair becomes, the more brittle and weaker it gets which can lead to breakage.  Think about the sticks on the end of a broom.  Bone straight hair becomes stiff like that.  Only relaxing it to 80%, especially around your edges, gives it more flexibility and decreases the chance of unnecessary breakage.  You can still get the look of bone straight hair after you flat iron it and wrap it the remainder of week.

So remember, keep that relaxed hair healthy and avoid relaxing it to bone straight!

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